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Új bérlő az e-kereskedelmi szektorból: a Bonito.pl Krakkóban bérel raktárat a Goodmantől

2014. április 16., szerda

Lengyelország egyik legnagyobb online könyváruházának, a Bonito.pl-nek adott bérbe egy 4 060 négyzetméteres raktárat a Goodman a Krakkó Airport Logisztikai Központban. A Bonito.pl új disztribúciós központjából immár a megrendeléstől számított 15 percen belül útjára indíthatja a csomagokat. A tranzakcióról szóló angol nyelvű sajtóközlemény az alábbiakban olvasható.

Goodman has leased a 4,060 sqm warehouse to Bonito.pl, one of the largest online bookshops in Poland, at Kraków Airport Logistics Centre. From its new distribution centre, Bonito.pl can now dispatch orders to its customers just 15 minutes after receiving their order. The new facility will also allow Bonito.pl to substantially increase its business activities.

Poland is one of the fastest growing e-commerce markets in Europe, with approximately 25% growth year-on-year, according to a report by Dotcom River. The report also found that  70% of Polish households have inter¬net access and over 30% of the population shop online.

“Bonito.pl was looking for a larger warehousing space to accommodate its dynamic growth. The company wanted a high quality facility with state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure that is essential for e-commerce operators. We were able to provide Bonito.pl with all of this at our logistics centre in Kraków. Our team also worked with the online bookshop on moving their operations to the new warehouse and implementing efficient solution-based modern  infrastructure in the leased facility,” said Błażej Ciesielczak, Regional Director Goodman Central and Eastern Europe.

The facility leased to Bonito.pl comprises a 3,501 sqm warehouse and 559 sqm of office space, where it can store up to one million  books. The company moves 300,000 books each month, and from 500,000 to 800,000 books during peak periods.

“The move to Goodman’s Kraków Airport Logistics Centre allows us to substantially increase our operating scale. For example, we have doubled the number of books we can dispatch within 15 minutes of order receipt and the number of packages that we can process each day. The new warehouse is also a perfect solution in terms of comfortable working conditions for a team of approx. 120, allowing us focus on further growth – which is particularly important since we are doubling sales year on year,” said Andrzej Huczek, Co-owner of Bonito.pl. 

Kraków Airport Logistics Centre

Kraków Airport Logistics Centre has a target lease area of over 150,000 sqm and on completion will comprise nine warehouses with additional office space, staff and technical areas. To date, four warehouses have been developed comprising 55,230 sqm or a third of the total lettable area. 

When fully operational, it is expected that up to 1,000 people will be employed by customers, making it the largest logistics centre in Małopolska province. Other customers currently leasing space at Kraków Airport Logistics Centre include: Farutex, KMC Services, Valeo Autosystemy, DS Smith, Royal Canin, Logfarma and Schenker.

In line with Goodman’s commitment to sustainability, 25% of the Kraków development has been landscaped, and over 1000 trees have been planted around the perimeter.  

Kraków Airport Logistics Centre is located in Modliniczka near Kraków, four km from Kraków-Balice International Airport. Easy access is also provided by the close proximity to the A4 expressway linking Kraków and Wrocław. 

To watch an interview with Błażej Ciesielczak, Regional Director, Goodman Central and Eastern Europe, click here.

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